Can a Ceiling Fan Keep You Warm in The Winter?

You might think your ceiling goes into hibernation for the winter, but it can actually be useful! On just about every ceiling fan you’ll find a little switch on the base somewhere, if you’ve never known what that switch was for, let us explain!

Your ceiling fan can go in two directions: counter-clockwise or clockwise. You most likely are used to running your ceiling fan in a counter-clockwise direction, that’s what helps create a breeze for you in the summer. In the clockwise direction, a fan pulls air up which pushes the warm air near your ceiling down to where you are.

Much like in the summer, you need to be in the room to get the benefit. The fan won’t actually change the temperature of the room, it will just make it feel warmer. Be sure to turn it off when you aren’t in the room to save energy.

You only need your fan on the lowest setting to get the benefit. Any higher and you might actually feel colder. Hot air rises so often it is warmer near the ceiling which offers very little benefit to you on the couch! Your fan will help make it so the air is re-directed down to where you are so that you can enjoy the heat you are paying for.

For more tips on staying warm, saving energy, or to schedule HVAC service Pittsfield residents know they can count on us! We’d be happy to help you stay extra cozy this winter.