Little People’s Golf Championships

The Little People’s Golf Championships is a tournament played by little people. This competition has been running for over 50 years and takes place every year in the month of August (National Little People’s Month). It was established in 1960, during the height of racial inequality and racial segregation. Back then, sports, especially golf, was where little people could compete as equals on the same field as the other golfers. For this reason, Little People’s Golf Championships emphasize the equal opportunity for all those who wish to participate. The winners of the tournament are awarded trophies and have their names inscribed on a plaque.

In recent years, there has been a sea change in the field of competition, with more women competing than ever before. This is because there are rules that allow women to compete against men as equals. In addition, the Little People’s Golf Championships now supports “Equal Opportunity Competition,” which helps those who have been disabled from birth to compete as equals as well as those who have had their ability to walk and play taken away by an accident or illness.

On August 12, 2016, the Little People’s Golf Championships will take place at the Quail Hollow Country Club in North Carolina. The tournament has been held at other top golf courses, including Cherry Hills Country Club in Colorado and Champions Golf Club in Houston.

The winning golfer will earn a spot in the U.S. Mid-Amateur, Amateur, and Open Championship Tournaments next year at the same course.

This year’s championship is expected to see close to 100 participants and spectators from all over the country, including Quincy (named after former slave turned abolitionist John Quincy Adams). Quincy is a town located in Wisconsin.

This year’s tournament is expected to be the best because all the public golf courses are open to everyone, and anyone who wishes to enter may do so. Previous years have seen controversy over whether or not little people (and other minorities) should play at private golf courses.

In particular, last year’s championship was marred by a group of individuals representing the private Country Club. They staged a protest at the Quail Hollow course stating that it is unfair for little people to play on public courses and therefore have to pay high fees just like their members. The protesters were particularly upset that little people have free access to play at general classes, which are being threatened by the affordable entry fees.

The protesters made it clear that they would not be allowing anyone through their gated community if they were not members of the association.

Members of the public condemned the attitudes displayed by these private golfers and have criticized them for being selfish and privileged.

In the 2016 Little People’s Championship, protesters from Quail Hollow Country Club were not allowed through their gates by security guards. They said that only members of “certain stature” would pass through the gate, which included anybody with a little person or dwarf gene. This was so unfair because little people, Dwarfs, and dwarves belong to the same genetic categories.

As a result, the protesters had to watch through binoculars to see who was winning, but it was hoped that there would be no protesting next year.

Everyone in America needs to come together during National Little People’s Week to remember how important it is for little people to come together and feel the spirit of Little People’s Golf Championships.




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