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Although our city is warm most of the time, it sometimes gets cold. Unfortunately, that means that your heating system needs to work all through the year. But your heating system could be on the fritz, and you don't know what to do. That's okay; we're here for this! Our team of expert technicians delivers swift furnace repair services in all locations that we serve, helping residents get their systems back on track in no time.

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When the weather gets chilly, you can rely on your heating system to keep you cozy and warm. But let's face it, even a new furnace will break down at one point or another. That's the reason we're here for all of your needs - from installation services to maintenance needs! With our experienced technicians ready 24/7 with fast and reliable service, we'll make sure everything goes smoothly again in no time (and without costing an arm and a leg)!

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If your system goes awry, you mustn't ignore the issue. The more you delay the repair of your heating system, the more it can escalate into a major issue. To catch and address a problem early, keep an eye on your system for these and other warning signs that a heating repair is necessary:

It's necessary to keep an eye on your heating system for warning signs that it needs a repair. The longer you wait, the more likely even the most minor problem will escalate into a major catastrophe!

To catch problems early on before they get worse:

  • Watch for odd noises from your furnace or other heat sources like squeaking coming through vents when turning them off. 
  • Check if your house is constantly too hot; this might indicate blown fuses or wiring issues.
  • Check if you receive skyrocketing energy bills.
  • The temperatures don't feel like the selections you have made on your heating system.
  • There is too much dry air and dust in the air around your home.


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Columbia MO Location of Peters Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.
Columbia MO Location of Peters Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.