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People in Columbia, Missouri, are not different than people all around the world. People need to eat, work, sleep, and be social. Multiple factors decide what kind of person one may become. When you look at a diverse group of people living in an environment together, they tend to spread their ideas or habits onto others. So since everyone is in close contact with many others, people influence each other.

People all around the world are influenced by their environment. The biggest example of this would be the idea of conformity, which occurs when an individual changes their behavior or beliefs to comply with that of a group (Mercer et al., 2012). For example, if one sees a group of people wearing a certain type of outfit, they may wear it because they want to fit in with the group. An example of this is when hipsters need to dress like everyone else to be accepted.

The idea of conformity has been shown throughout time and culture and can even be seen today, but it can also be seen in everyone's actions. For example, if one grew up believing that only boys are allowed to play hockey. Still, then they see a girl playing hockey, they would most likely stop playing it because of conformity. Even though there is no proof that girls can't play hockey just as well as boys, the idea of being different causes people not to do certain things. People tend to be affected by their environment and surroundings so much that it changes what they believe in or choose to do.

In Columbia, Missouri, there is a plethora of events going on throughout the year that give people a sense of belonging. The more influence one has over others determines how more committed they may be to their environment. For example, school board members tend to have a lot more influence than normal people and therefore try to make changes that affect aspects that most people do not care about. Another aspect is schooling in general because schools bring students from all around the area together. The idea of conformity can also be seen when someone joins a certain group because so many others are part of it.


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