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Shelter Gardens

The shelter gardens in Columbia were created over twenty years ago by the Columbia Horticultural Society, with help from volunteers and donors. These shelters were designed to offer shade for plantings that would benefit the local community.

The sheltered garden was designed by architects Reiff, Trezevant & Buckalew, who used natural materials in their designs. The architects did a great job designing these structures to be aesthetically pleasing while still being very functional. For the gardens to remain naturally cool during the summer, all of them have been covered with barrel tile roofs. These roofs can withstand heavy snow loads, and that way, they will not have to build walls around their designs. To finish off the tops, they have been shingled with natural material that can resist wood rot.

These shelter gardens are also very functional. They are designed to catch rainwater which is then used for irrigation of plants. The benches were placed in these areas so people could sit down and enjoy the beauty of Columbia's most popular spots.

This shelter garden is located right in the heart of campus, near one of the busiest streets. Many people choose to stop at this area and enjoy a cup of coffee or just sit down and read a book that they have been meaning to get through. The most interesting part about this garden is how it was designed. Along with the benches placed near this garden, there is a fountain that can be found in the center of it all. This fountain is surrounded by a large circular paving block and a ring of stepping stones for people to sit on while watching the water flow down from above.


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